When you’re trying to conceive, it can seem very isolating. Nobody else understands what you’re going through when you have infertility.

If you still have a social life, you may be arranging it based around which friend is pregnant this week, or hiding out indoors because you can’t face seeing anyone.

You’ve maybe overhauled your diet, been to acupuncture, reflexology, kinesiology, or yoga, but your body still isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do and you’ve got no pregnancy bump to show for everything you’ve poured into it. You’re ready to throttle the next person who tells you all you need to do is relax.

The irritation you feel about those who get pregnant at the drop of a hat is probably nothing compared to the anger you direct at yourself, there may be guilt at leaving it so long and proving all those people right when they said you would have problems if you put your career first.

Would you like to get your life back? 

How would things be different for you if you felt more in control of your life again?

The Freedom Fertility Formula is the key to letting you out of the prison you’ve been trapped in.

Over the course of a few months with 6 core sessions, you’ll learn

  • What your emotions really mean, and how you can easily change your emotional state
  • What all your experiences to date have programmed in your subconscious, and how you can reprogram it
  • Tactics to deal with everyday and special occasions so you no longer have to make excuses to stay in (unless that’s what you really want!)
  • The power of the mind/body connection
  • A simple daily self care routine

Along the way, you’ll get the following mp3s to reinforce what you’ve covered:

  • Soothing Soul Break
  • Fertility Reprogramming 
  • Bubble of Peace
  • Reproductive Rebalancing
  • Live Life Now

The core program is £850 and a payment plan is available. If you feel you may need some extra handholding between sessions such as an IVF focus, we can discuss bespoke support.

Ongoing support is available and will be discussed towards the end of your core program, to best fit your circumstances at that time. 

Want to know if this is right for you? Contact me and we’ll arrange a call to discuss your specific circumstances.