Plant Power & The Magic of Essential Oils

Pre plant power

Back in 2008 when The Bun in my oven was nearly 2 weeks past my estimated due date, clary sage essential oil was one of the things I cursed for its inability to accelerate the chances of me going into labour. It was one of those things I ended up filing under ‘works for other people but not me’.  I was convinced it was no more than a fancy air freshener, and had no idea that getting my oils from a part-work magazine meant they were highly diluted and pretty ineffective.

I had lavender and rosemary growing out of control in my garden, but although I was aware of their health properties, I didn’t make use of them!

Light sleeper

Fast forward to early 2017 and I was having real difficulty getting a good night’s sleep a month after I thought I’d recovered from Pacific Coast jet lag. Normally I would stick on a hypnotherapy MP3 to listen to, but while I could drift off with that, I had a highly attuned mum antenna that woke me at the slightest sound made by my boy…even though he was now 9 and I didn’t need to go check on him for a feed or nappy change any more 

I was suffering from numerous allergies to chemicals like household cleaners, had aching joints when I woke every morning, and ‘crunchy’ knees meaning I avoided walking up stairs. I had serious digestion issues that I believed I would always just have to put up with.

Leap of faith

I took an intuitive plunge based on a friend’s recommendation and ordered a dōTERRA oil kit. The first night I used the lavender oil in my diffuser my sleep quality jumped from the low 40% to a high 60% according to my sleep app. By the weekend I’d hit 97% and I was sleeping through Junior clattering downstairs like a baby elephant. The supplements I was taking meant my inflammatory pain was massively reduced, letting me walk up many flights of stairs just 6 days later, and gave me more energy. I could t remember the last time I had the oomph to get up and go before my alarm went off! Digestion is massively improved and my allergic response is minimal.

Using essential oils is easy, fast acting and effective. In my therapy work, the oils now get used to amplify the results!

Find out more!

For anyone facing sleep or other health challenges, I urge you to consider adding high quality plant power to your life.

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