Emotional Eating


Physical Hunger vs emotional hunger.

Physical hunger is a gradual thing. Emotional hunger hits you like a brick. 

Physical hunger is something you feel in your stomach. Emotional hunger starts with your thoughts.

Physical hunger is easily satisfied and you stop eating when you're full. Emotional hunger keeps on and on and on until your seams are bursting.

Physical hunger doesn't call you names. Emotional hunger smothers you with a guilt-trip, shame, self loathing, anger, regret or any other emotion you can name that makes you feel bad about yourself.


If you recognise any of those statements in your own eating habits, then it's likely you don't have the greatest relationship with food. Rather than being your best mate, food can seem like an overbearing bully, controlling your life one minute, pretending to be a source of comfort the next, until that little voice nags you about how you don't deserve to be slim after what you've put away. 

This doesn't have to be your life for ever.

Your relationship with food isn't something that happened overnight, it took time to develop. Resolving it is going to take some time. How long? Well that really depends on what lies behind the emotions that trigger your eating habits. It may be one seemingly insignificant throw away remark from 20 years ago that's lodged in your subconscious and pops into play once in a blue moon. But I'm making a guess that if you're reading this and recognising yourself in it, you've got a few things going on.

The good news is, emotional eating is a habit. Habits are learned and as a result, they can be unlearned, replaced by something more appropriate for you. 

My Overcome Emotional Eating programme combines hypnotherapy, EFT and accountability coaching.  We'll meet online 3 times a month for 3 months, with the option to extend and you'll have access to me by email between sessions.

 What you'll get is a toolkit of tips and techniques to help you identify and overcome your food eating triggers. We'll weed out the old habits and plant some new ones for you to nourish. You'll understand what the real meanings are behind your emotions, and we'll work together to create a life around food that you really want to live.

This isn't a quick fix, and I'm not waving a magic wand over you- you will have a toolkit, but that's no use to anyone if you don't actually take a tool out of the box to use it. So, that's where the accountability comes in. You'll agree each time we meet what you want to have achieved by the time of the next session and I will ask you about it. I will, however, work with you to figure out what caused you to NOT do the work, if you had a bury-your-head-in-the-sand week. It's all part and parcel of getting to grips with your emotions and getting your life back.

If you would like to have an initial consult to decide if this is right for you, contact me below. The program is £1200 (around $1560) and payment plans are available.