About Me


Hi! It's Carolyn!

What can I tell you about me if you don’t know me already?

As an accountant, for years I got used to being told my voice was so monotonous I could send people to sleep. Turns out I was simply in the wrong line of work. When I qualified as an advanced clinical hypnotherapist in 2009, my voice turned out to be a job-related asset. If you’re looking for a ra-ra coach, that’s not me…I’m the subtle, soft-spoken coach with a hidden accountability kick in the pants. 

I love a gardening metaphor and I practise practical magic. Nature is my escape-to place: You can find me being busy introverting in the nearest forest or a damp, deserted beach. I drag along my long-suffering dog for such occasions, when the unicorn is too busy to show up. I’m pro bodily integrity and inclusivity.

I write & record a bit, I procrastinate like an expert, the odd swear word has been known to pass my lips, and I get cuddled a lot by my kid (sometimes even by the other half). I love time travelling Doctors, proper British punk and 1980s classic pop. I read cards and do some other woo stuff but I’m still a dab hand at pivot tables and financial accounts. 

I’m not a guru, I don’t flog a jet-set lifestyle (though hey, nice to have!). My aim is to thrive no matter what life throws at me, because that’s where the real magic happens, and to help others do that as well.

I believe in empowering you to know what’s right for YOU, not what someone else tells you is right, so contact me if you’re fed up with the drama and struggle, and ready to blossom. If I’m not the right person to help you, I’ll let you know that as well.